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Peacock Bass Fishing in the Amazon

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Peacock Bass is the translation for the legendary Brazilian TUCUNARE, one of the most beautiful, strongest and most acrobatic fresh-water fish in the world. The fishing season for the extraordinary Peacock Bass is from September to April. The fishing areas are within 250 miles from Manaus, the capital of the Amazon.

The fishing area is determined by the season and the water level in the river. You will be going to your fishing area by house boat, speed boat or plane. The Amazon river is the largest river in the world, containing 50% of all the soft water in the world.

The Amazon river is formed near Manaus by the black "Rio Negro" and the chocolate muddy "Rio Solimoes." During the dry season, the average temperatures are 80/90 F and by night 70/80 F. The Rio Negro has absolutely no mosquitoes due to the acid present in the dark water. You will be fishing every day in a different area chosen by our experienced guides on one of the 7,000 tributaries of the Amazon, on a powerful boat for 2 anglers and one experienced guide. The boats are equipped with an electric trolling motor.

You can expect to fish Peacock Bass from 5 to 20 pounds, the unofficial known world record is close to 30 pounds. It is common that the Peacock Bass breaks 40 to 60 pound lines. Their electrifying strikes and their acrobatic jumps and dives amaze any veteran angler and spoil him forever.


Other than the Peacock Bass, there are various other species, and while fishing you will witness the grandiosity and vastness of the Amazon. It's impossible to capture this picture of the Amazon region in words or on a painter's canvas.


It's grandeur is as natural as life itself. The world's largest hydrographic basin, rain forest, and genetic bank can all be found in this part of the planet. Located in the northern part of Brazil (6 hours by plane from Miami), the Amazon is equivalent to 30% of the United States size. The volume of the Amazon River is 10 times that of the Mississippi River.

You will leave civilization behind for an unforgettable experience in the heart of Nature's grandest theater.

Dave Stain
Des Peres Travel's
Fishing Expert

Dave has 45 years experience as a fisherman. He is a lifetime member of Bass Anglers Sportsman's Society and a co-founder of the Kaskaskia Valley Bass Club. Dave has participated in various Bass Fishing tournaments during the late 60s to early 70s. Aside from his passion for bass fishing, Dave is also a Fish Taxidermist since 1969. 

Any questions about bass fishing in the Amazon, call Dave at:
Work: (217) 672-8222
Home: (217) 877-2926(H)


Claus lived and worked in Brazil for 5 years. He has traveled the country extensively and speaks Portuguese fluently.

Claus has also lived in Europe, West Africa and S.E. Asia, and speaks German and French fluently. His thorough knowledge of geography and understanding of various cultures make Claus one of the best in the travel industry.

Any questions on travel and information about Brazil, call Claus at: (636) 300-1562.



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