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  The State of Bahia and its capital, Salvador, are very important centers of study of the immense diaspora to the New World. For over 350 years , the "negreiros" (slave ships) brought their human cargo from Africa to work in the plantations and mines of Brazil. They came from Guinea, Angola, the Congo, and West Africa.

The main port of departure for this latter cycle was Ouidah in the People's Republic of Benin (Dahomey). The ships filled with slaves left for the treacherous Atlantic crossing to Bahia.

Those who survived the journey faced the grueling work of the mines and plantations that stoked the Portuguese economy. A bilateral trading of slaves arose due to the very high value placed on third grade tobacco, prohibited for sale in Europe, but much sought after by those dealing in slaves in West Africa. The trading of slaves from West Africa for tobacco and aguardente from Bahia is the reason for the strong Yoruba influence in Bahia.



In Bahia, Africa abounds. Salvador is the most African of the Brazilian cities with up to 80% of its population of over 2 million people having African origins. The local cuisine, music, dance forms, and extremely vibrant, visual arts traditions are all testament to this permeating African influence. A stroll through the historical Pelourinho section of Salvador bears this out. Baianas, local women dressed in traditional costumes, sell a wide variety of food on the street corners. The "acaraje", or bean dumpling, fried in the oil of the palm, is a typical African cuisine.  

Our tours include a visit to the Pelourinho, the Afro Brazilian Museum which houses the art of Bahia's finest artist, Carybe, and the most beautiful church of Salvador's 360 churches, the NOSSA SENHORA DO ROSARIO DOS PRETOS. You will gain great insight into the Mysteries of the CANDOMBLE. In addition, you will make a side trip to CACHOEIRA, about 60 km from Salvador. You can also combine your historical tour with side trips to Rio de Janeiro, and/or the IGUASSU-WATERFALLS.  


We can arrange excursion group fares to Bahia & other cities in Brazil.

Some more pictures!!!


This 500 year old church is the richest church
in the world (all in gold)


Historic old downtown of Salvador


Another shot of historic old downtown of Salvador

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